Patrick Rivera is a Santa Fe native — born and raised — who now resides in Las Vegas, NV as a professional photographer.  His desire to create has driven him his whole life. His artwork can be found in nightclubs, magazine covers, editorials, and billboards that scatter the Sin City landscape.  It’s the overwhelming feeling he has in his mind’s eye that drives him to explore the world around him, influencing his art. He believes one photograph has the ability to shape the way you feel and bring you into the moment with just one look.

I am….  To fully capture the spirit of an artistic subject, it is essential that the photographer embodies the lived experiences of many…having to dwell in darkness to dance in the light….   Art captures the intersection and interpretation of life’s saints and serpents, life’s triumphs and  tragedies…reflecting the close calls, the soulful escapes, the beauty and raw emotion of our kindred spirits….  My intertwined bodies of work and self-reify all that I am…breathing snapshots…a walking mural…honoring the lives of many…those who give me grace…my gestalt…my truth….  I am…sounding board, storyteller, vessel of your voice…reframing the frames to share your journey… capturing the imagery of the moment so that it may forever survive….